Build & Grow arranges 3-5 day service trips to Eastern Europe for business people primarilyYour team (~15-25 people) is tasked with and given all the material needed to build a house for a family in need – uplifting their lives forever. This meaningful experience combines Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), staff development & employer branding in an authentic way. 

What can be more rewarding as a team than helping build a home for a family as a stepping-stone to break the cycle of poverty?

Never worry about numbers, help one person at a time.
– Mother Theresa

Situation: Housing is essential

Housing is one of those basic social conditions that determine the quality of life and welfare of people and places.
– UN-Habitat Report

Complication: Not enough houses available 

The housing situation in Romania is one of the most difficult in the EU:

Solution: Build houses with an integrated approach

The response to the poor is rooted in relationships, not just resources. This means actively integrating the families in need in the home building process to give them a sense of accomplishment, providing job opportunities as well as counseling to help them grow.

Therefore, Build & Grow is not simply about providing a roof to families to raise their children, but also about creating a sustainable community for them and letting all participants grow their personal and social skills.

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