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Build&Grow arranges 3-5 day service trips to Europe’s poorest nations (Moldova and Romania) for business people primarilyYour team (~15-25 people) is tasked with and given all the material needed to build a house for a family in need in only 3 days – uplifting their lives forever. This meaningful experience combines Corporate Volunteering, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), staff development & employer branding in an authentic way. 

What can be more rewarding as a team than helping build a home for a family as a stepping-stone to break the cycle of poverty?
Housing is essential!

Housing is one of those basic social conditions that determine the quality of life and welfare of people and places.
– UN-Habitat Report

Housing situation in Moldova and Romania is devastating!

Income of most families is less than 400€ per month; more than 70% (in rural areas) do not even have access to a central heating system – making freezing winters even tougher.

Build homes with an innovative and integrated approach!

The response to the poor is rooted in relationships, not just resources. This means actively integrating the families in need in the home building process to give them a sense of accomplishment, organizing an unforgettable handover ceremony, providing job opportunities (in close collaboration with our local build partner “Uniqa”) and a supportive local (church) community network as well as counseling to help them grow.

Therefore, Build&Grow is not simply about providing a roof to families to raise their children, but also about creating a sustainable future for them and letting all participants grow their personal and social skills.

Never worry about numbers, help one person at a time.

Mother Theresa

You can be sure: This is what the colleagues will still talk about in 20 years. I can recommend everyone to participate here.

Lead Partner of a global consulting firm

This build experience helps everyone who participates to understand what life is really all about.

Partner of a global consulting firm

It is exciting to see that this experience goes to the hearts of the team. Especially when the house is handed over to the family.

Employee of a global tool manufacturer

I can really trust Build & Grow as they strongly cooperate with local partners to wisely select the families that receive a home.

Employee of a global tool manufacturer

It did not feel like a burden offering my time or resources, it was a rather a privilege to be part of this.

Director of a global consulting firm

You take your time and money to the construction site and give a family a new life by building a house for them. This is motivation enough for me.

Employee of a global tool manufacturer

I loved the collaboration with all the different people and the variety of work on the build site – from painting to using a circular saw.

Senior Consultant at a global consulting firm

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