Build&Grow e.V. is a German non-profit organization that organizes 3-day home builds for families in need in Moldova and Romania as team building events for business people (15-25 participants) primarily. Thus, Build&Grow creates a unique opportunity to bring together commonly materially divided societal levels with huge benefits for each party. It gives hope for the families in need, breaks their cycle of poverty sustainably and promotes personal growth and community among colleagues.

This life-changing experience combines CSR, corporate volunteering and team building in an innovative, sustainable and targeted way. It can become a catalyst for business people to reflect their own lives and impact their own job environment, families and communities for positive change.

Build&Grow e.V. was founded in December 2017 and trusts in close collaborations with local (build) partners, e.g. “Uniqa” in Moldova. Numerous corporations (medium-sized to large corporations) have build energy efficient homes already and we hope for many more to come! Will you join us?


Gordon Weuste

Build & Grow e.V. evolves out of Gordon’s vision to transform lives of poor families in Eastern Europe while seeing business people living with greater purpose and a heart of service.

“I founded Build & Grow e.V. as a result of my personal life experiences as a business professional in one of the largest global consulting firms.

During my time as a business consultant in Germany, I more and more realized how fortunate and privileged I am. This impression became even clearer as I was engaging in several social projects around the world in the poorest nations.

When going to bed one night during a mission trip to Romania, I thought about all the poor children I had seen before. They would still lie on the floor in freezing temperatures without a roof over their heads. This picture stayed in my mind. I thought if only every fortunate business professional gave a little bit back, then nobody would need to sleep on the floor.

Soon thereafter, I was asked by a good friend to join home builds for poor families in Latin America together with other active or former professional athletes. I was truly amazed by the huge impact one team could make only within 3 days. This life changing experience was the initial spark for me. I wanted my colleagues and other business people to experience the same in Europe.

I was shocked how devastating the housing situation in Moldova and Romania is. It really touched me. That’s why I decided to start there. I cannot wait to see more (business) people getting involved and lives being changed.”

Advisory Board

Dr. Jürgen Sandau


Partner Deloitte Consulting Germany

Prof. Dr. Christoph Spengel


Professor University of Mannheim in Business Administration and Taxation

Dr. Alexandra Hildebrandt


Author, Sustainability Expert and Business Psychologist

Michael Herberger


Producer, Winner of ECHO – Producer national

Arne Friedrich


Former German Soccer Professional