Have you ever wondered how to make a real impact?

Within an impactful team building event of ~3 days, a staff team builds a home for a family-in-need in Eastern Europe.

Benefits for companies

The home building creates outstanding opportunities to combine CSR, staff development & employer branding in an authentic way.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Visible & tangible impact (e.g. family receives home)
  • Authentic approach (own staff builds)
    → credible for internal & external communications
  • Investment easy to track(material, etc.)
  • Lasting change
    (e.g. family will be counseled after build)

Staff Development

  • Innovative professional development (→ unique opportunity that efficiently sharpens employees’ skills)
  • Deepens teamwork and collaboration skills
  • Employee satisfaction(→ boosts employees’ self-confidence in their own skills and in their company)

Employer Branding

  • Enhanced recruitment→ Increases firm’s attractiveness to potential recruits and especially Gen Y professionals
  • Improved public relations
    → Increases visibility and brand recognition (innovative and impactful CSR initiatives)
  • Effective public pressmentions, at minimal marketing costs

Tax Deductability

  • Home build project is fully tax deductible as “Build & Grow” is an approved non-profit organization

CSR can be much more than a cost, a constraint, or a charitable deed – it can be a source of opportunity, innovation, and competitive advantage.

MICHAEL E. PORTER & MARK R. KRAMERHarvard Business Review